23 November 2011

Getting to Know the Blogger

Q. Why the Pen versus the Sword?

I’m willing to admit, I’m not much of a violent person. I believe that compromise wins arguments, not brute strength. As such, I find that the saying “The pen is mightier than the sword” fits my way of thinking. I chose to title my blog as such, because I wanted to point out that writing with others is stronger than competing against them.

Q. Your posts seem to lack punch. Why don’t you come out and state “this is the way?”

I believe that everyone learns differently and, as such, requires different ways to be creative. I’m not you, the reader. I don’t know what works best for your creative presence. All I know is my own personal writing experiences. Thus, I offer what thoughts I can, in an effort to help those interested in writing. Since I only know myself, all I can offer in opinions.

Q. I’ve never heard of you. What have you had published? Why should I listen to you?

I’m not a big name writer like Stephen King or Mercedes Lackey. I can admit that. So far, I’ve had one story published in a local community college literary magazine. However, I’ve been writing for more than seventeen years. I’ve been in the trenches, as it were, for most of those years, attempting to join the ranks of the published author. I’m offering thoughts as garnered from other writers, in addition to my own experiences. From my standpoint, I say to use what works, ignore the rest. I’m a single voice in a sea of voices.

Q. Coffee, Tea, or Mountain Dew™ ?

At one time, I’d answer any caffeinated soda worked. However, due to recent health scares, I’ve gotten away from soda entirely. Now, I take water or tea, though usually water. I don’t miss the caffeine.

Q. Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, or Archer?

I’d claim a tie between Picard and Sisko, because they had difference commands with their own unique issues. Blasphemous as this sounds, I never cared for the Original Series. Camp and cheese only go so far for me, and that went well past it for my tastes. Janeway did a good job, even if no one wanted to give her a chance. I didn’t care for her style, myself, but I didn’t mind the female as a captain. As for The “reboot” show, um, there’s a good reason they cancelled it.

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