31 December 2011

End of Year Review - 2011

I’ve offered a lot of insight this year, trying to offer a guide to those wanting to wade into the waters of writing for publication. I never claimed to give the true path, simply added lights to assist your journey. With this post, I’d like to highlight the big concepts. It will allow those who come in late to review what I’ve offered. If you wanted to find a specific topic, it will link from here.

Start at the beginning – If you want to be an author, you need to write.
Not every writer works the same way.
Dealing with ideas – getting them, how to work multiple ideas at once
Reader’s reactions to your work – Names, plot concepts
Working through how to critique writing
Expanding the horizons of the social writer
Revisions and watching for problems
I hope over the past year that I’ve offered advice that has helped fellow writers on their journey. If you’d like me to cover a specific topic over the coming months, please leave a comment and I’ll see if I can offer my insight.
Thank you for reading.
I hope you’ve had a Good Holiday Season and will continue to read in 2012.

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