23 March 2012

The Write Place

Early on, I mentioned finding a place to write. I never addressed it fully, because it is a very personal issue.
Let’s dig a little deeper into what makes a good writing space.
Power or Manual
For some people, they can only write with the keyboard and light of the monitor. Give them pen and paper to watch them squirm with writer’s block. It’s an unpleasant view, let me say. Others work best with the pen, only to transcribe from paper to computer as their first edit pass.
Personally, I’m a cross between the two. I can compose on either computer or paper. I prefer to edit on paper, and transcribe those edits when complete.
Find your best technique to get the most from your writing time. You’re best place to write will be affected by this.
Noise Factor
Something that’s loosely linked to the power issue is noise. When I say noise here, I don’t mean just the cars racing by on the street, the kids fighting in the living room, or the neighbors having a punch out on their front lawn. I refer to all sounds that might effect your writing environment. This includes music and television. I know writers who can’t work unless the room is absolutely silent. They’ve soundproofed a space for their writing. Others sit in busy restaurants with their laptops, sipping coffee and tapping away on their work. Some people need instrumental music, but not music with lyrics.
For me, I can work nearly anywhere. Music can have lyrics or not. Sometimes, I’ll put an inspirational movie in to play while I write. Others times, I’m just me and my chosen writing medium of the day.
It has to create a space where your mind can work.
Interruptions and Distractions
Final thought about your best writing spot – How well does it prevent or accommodate possible interruptions or distractions? Obviously, this goes above and beyond just the basics of noise. Can the kids come drag you away to play tea party or house? Will the spouse talk to you while cooking, and keep you from writing? If your favorite sports team scores, will you stop to cheer? (Guilty party here.)
I’m not suggesting that your writing room need to be a sealed space, sound proofed, with a steel door knocker. Not unless that is what you find the most productive.

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