02 June 2012

Passion for your words

For this blog post, I’m going to do something people hate, because I don’t want to hear the surface answer.

Why do you write? What passion drives you to write?

I have heard the answers from all angles.
     The voices in my head make me.
     Teacher said I was good at it.
     Because I’d go crazy if I don’t.
     Because I can.

Maybe the real question is what motivates your writing? Do you look at the books out there, imagine some big payday, writing to the present trend? Does something inside you scream ‘I have something to say!’?

Writing is something that people can tell when your heart is buried within the work. If you are writing with one eye on the market trend, your writing may not survive an editor’s examination. They won’t feel your heart, your soul, your blood sweat and tears that are buried in the words.

Can you write something you enjoy? Sure! If you enjoy it, have a passion for it, it shows in what you’ve written. When it’s just a story you wrote, it feels mechanical. Readers will frown at it, call it slow, boring, uninspired. That last comment will be the closest to the truth.

So build your passion into your writing! It helps the story feel.

Think about WHY you write, what motivates your writing. I’d love to hear your answers!

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