11 July 2012

Balance in the writer's life - What's that?

Back in June, I was supposed to write this post about finding balance within a writer's life for the Merry Go Round tour.

Here's the problem. I haven't found it yet.

So if and when someone finds a good solution, let me know!

Seriously, a lot of this is about scheduling, and knowing what you want to do.

If writing is just a hobby, it doesn't hold a high priority, so the scheduling remains low on the list and it fits in where you feel like it. If writing holds a higher calling, then it shows up on the schedule accordingly.

As my example, my writing shows up on the schedule 183 times a year. It's a priority every odd numbered day. Even days are for reading. This was the best compromise I could work out to get writing regularly on my schedule and not lose other desired activities.

Check your schedule, find where you fit your writing and ask if it fits where you want it to go.

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