23 December 2012

Favorite book in 2012

I am willing to admit that I'm a slow reader. So when someone asks me "What's your favorite book this year," I have a short list to pick from. In fact, this year, the list is only 11 books long. (12 if I can finish one before the end of the month.)

Yes, I'm major behind on the "trends" because I take so long to read.

This is why when I can claim best of the year from my reading, it is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

I'm going to copy the review I wrote on Librarything for the sake of saving my typing fingers:

I can honestly say this is another book that rates high on my recommend list. It comes across as a brutal story exploring Katniss's experiences through the Hunger Games, held in the Capitol of Panem each year. The writing flows easily and would allow one to flow through it with little effort. Just when you think that the author is going to slow the pace, she adds a new twist. I found it difficult to put down, almost overwhelmingly buried in the world.
While the ending came across as honest and well thought, it felt disappointing when compared with the rest of the book. One story line just ended. In a way, I'm anxious to get to the sequel, so I can see where that storyline goes...

Because I'm a slow reader, I'm also slower to pick up on the reading trends. I didn't start reading Harry Potter until book 4. I read through the entire series, grew disappointed in book 6 and struggled with book 7. (Blasphemous. I know.)

You might wonder, why do you take so long to read a book?

This comes from me taking in multiple concepts while reading one paragraph. It isn't just words on a page to me. It's the theme and story, the construction and flow, the feel and mood... Things writers look to create and things the reader enjoys. Even when reading for pleasure, I'm looking for things to translate into my own writing.

So perhaps in 2013, my list will be longer, but perhaps not.
Happy New Era! Merry Christmas! Happy Yule!
And a Wonderful new year!
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