23 February 2013

Knowing where you’ve been - Firsts

I’ve spoken about a few things when I’ve written about tracking.  I’ve frequently keep my writing brain pointed forward, directed toward the goal I want to reach.  Every once in a while, however, it’s fun to look back and find where you’ve been, see how things have changed.

For that fun, I thought I’d list a few of my firsts.

Not going to bother with first words written, because I couldn’t narrow it down enough to be useful.

First completed fan fiction - Silly quest story I did for 10th grade english.  Don’t think I still have a copy, but it was an homage to Piers Anthony’s Xanth series.

First completed story - 1995 - “Called Home” - a story of death and loss.  It showed a bit of a spiritual side which hasn’t appeared in my writing of late.

First Rejection - 1996 - For “Called Home,” from the magazine Story, which is no longer being published.  After receiving this reject, I waited years before I got the guts to start sending out again.  Comments that I wrote Star Trek fan fiction didn’t help my confidence much either.

First 200K words - 2006
First 500K words - 2009

First acceptance - 2011 - “The Sinking of Gustav” was published by Connections Magazine, which is published by a local community college.  No pay, but recognition.

First completed novel - Um, yeah, not reached that milestone yet.  I’m about 20k words left to reach this milestone.

So what firsts have you reached?


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