28 May 2013

Monthly Work Update - The Lost Ones

I decided to add a new series of posts to the blog this year.  These posts will detail my works in progress, or WIPs.  I’m not going into details on plot or characters, but I will offer insight into how the story came about, where it may be going, and how close I feel it is to completion. 

Tentative title: The Lost Ones

Original concept: A captain goes in search of his fiancé when her research probe disappears on the edge of a gas cloud in deep space.

Draft version: First
Present word count: Novel: 668 (Expected completion: 100,000)
                                    Prequel Short: 288 (Expected completion: 10,000)

Writing process:
Okay, I admit this idea had a little bit of outside influence to get started. Some friends were picking on my standard log in name that I’d used for years in many forums and for email addresses. They stated it no longer fit me and I needed to change it. After a glance at the address book, favorites list, etc, that would require such a change, I searched for a way to avoid said change. After falling asleep while watching a show about the universe on the Science Channel, This concept jumped into my head.

Right now, I’m still fleshing things out, like propulsion systems, ship shapes, and the whole how we travel concepts, but the story line is sound and building. I’ve written the first two scenes of the novel and one scene of the prequel short story. However, stress from regular life events have slowed all my writing to a crawl. I hope to get back to the creation of this story soon.

Future expectations:
This story is coming from years of experience, from strong friendships, and from other writers around me. It feels like my strongest concept to date, but that remains to be seen. So for now, the sky’s the limit. Book, movie, TV  miniseries. All will fit the concept, I hope. Just got to see where it goes.

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